Organization Overview

Blue Mountain Monastery is a 501c3 organization created by a group of spiritually minded friends who believe in the potential of the human spirit.


To create a sustainable community of like-minded persons dedicated to the evolution of the human potential. The Monastery will provide spiritual services such as: retreat facilities (short and long term stay), prayer halls, spiritual services, qigong classes and therapy, taichi classes, meditation classes, etc..


Blue Mountain Monastery is based on a spiritual belief that we are all children of the Divine and that there are some fundamental virtues which if adopted and cultivated lead to a harmonious and balanced life, seamlessly integrating into the surrounding environment.

General Information

The vision is to have a physical location in Georgia which addresses the many needs that define human existence, from sustainable agriculture, education, healthcare, spiritual pursuit, and psycho-emotional facets such as rites of passage, childcare, elderly care, and any other essential needs that support a holistic lifestyle. We are currently looking for land to purchase in the Gwinnett county area. Stay tuned in 2017 for updates.