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Organization Overview

Blue Mountain Monastery is a 501c3 organization created by a group of spiritually minded friends who believe in the potential of the human spirit.


To create a sustainable community of like-minded persons dedicated to the evolution of the human potential. The Monastery will provide spiritual services such as: retreat facilities (short and long term stay), prayer halls, spiritual services, qigong classes and therapy, taichi classes, meditation classes, etc..


Blue Mountain Monastery is based on a spiritual belief that we are all children of the Divine and that there are some fundamental virtues which if adopted and cultivated lead to a harmonious and balanced life, seamlessly integrating into the surrounding environment.

General Information

The vision is to have a physical location in Georgia which addresses the many needs that define human existence, from sustainable agriculture, education, healthcare, spiritual pursuit, and psycho-emotional facets such as rites of passage, childcare, elderly care, and any other essential needs that support a holistic lifestyle. We are currently looking for land to purchase in the Gwinnett county area. Stay tuned in 2017 for updates.



What is Daoism?

Daoism is both a philosophy (daojia) and religion (daojiao) which originates in China. The main tenet of Daoism is living in harmony with the “natural law” (ziran)- the natural order of all the manifestations in the Universe.

Daoist Practices

Over the evolution of about 5,000 years Daoism has grown to encompass a large repertoire of knowledge and practices including religious expression of core beliefs, medicine, astrology, divination, martial arts, meditations, calligraphy, and music.


Daoism is often related to the metaphorical hermit living on a mountain, but in fact, it is an integral part of the Chinese way of life. The core values of a Daoist include the concept of “wu wei” (non-action) which means: not interfering with the natural evolution of events. It implies accepting that our lives follow natural cycles of movement such as day to night, full to empty, heavy to light and so on; symbolized by the taiji (yin-yang). 


There are many texts or scriptures used by religious Daoists, all are included in a larger body of work called the Daoist Canon (Daozang) which contains approximately 1400 entries. The most popular and well known are the Dao De Jing and the ZhuangZi.


The Daoist pantheon is vast and can vary from region to region due to Daoism’s influence by folk and local customs. However, the highest ranks are standard: The Three Pure Ones which represent the three highest levels of Heaven; The Jade Emporer, ruler Heaven and/or the Eastern direction (as source of all life); Tai Shang Lao Jun as the deified Lao Tzu, author of the Dao De Jing; and Zhang Dao Ling, creator of religious Daoism.


How You Can Help!

Your support is greatly appreciated! As a registered not for profit organization (501c3), we are a fully tax deductable organization. Your donation has mutal benefit for you and the Blue Mountain Monastery. Even the smallest donation is a help for us!

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We would also like to receive donations for services as well,
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